Journal Topics 11th 2013-2014
1. Write about something(s) you would like to achieve/do/accomplish before graduating high school.
2. How can “good” be distinguished from “evil”? what are some good and evil things, actions, people?
3. Write about your family history.

4. What did you do during your snow week?

5. When are you happiest?
6. Write about something you do well.
7. What do you think about when you can’t fall asleep?
8. What would happen if there were no televisions, cell phones, or computers? What would be good and bad about this?
9. What would you do if you found a magic wand?
10. What are some of humankind’s best ideas? Which of our ideas would we be better off forgetting? How do you decide?
11. What have been the most important changes in the past ten years? twenty years? last year? last month? What will
the most important changes be in the next year? next fifty years?

12. Who do you think has the most important things to say today? who are they speaking to? Why are these things

13. Who is saying the dumbest or most dangerous things today? who are they speaking to? What is dumb or
dangerous about these things?

14. What are the five best movies you've seen? What is good about them? What are the five worst movies you've seen?
What is bad about them?

15. Write about a time when you helped someone out who needed your help or about a time someone helped you out
when you really needed help.

For Ms. Fabian:

16. What makes a person powerful? Why? What makes a person powerless? Why?
17. Think of someone you know who is good at telling stories. What makes a good storyteller? A bad storyteller?
18. Picture your perfect sandwich. Describe it. How would you make it? How does it taste? smell? look? etc.
19. They say "Imitation is a form of flattery." Do you agree? When is copying good? When is copying bad?
20. You are mayor of Raleigh. What do you do? What do you change?
21. What are the best and worst gifts you've ever gotten?
22. Something I could teach someone else is...
23. Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not?
24. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Do you agree? Why or why not? When someone is away do you miss them more or less?
25. What annoys you?
26. What traits do you admire in a person?

16. As a friend, I can be counted on to...

17. write about a time when there was not enough time.

18. what is difficult about being a teenager today?

19. when I am scared I...

20. The best thing about my family is...

21. freewrite.

22. something I could teach someone else is...

23. what annoys you?

24.What makes a person powerful? Why? What makes a person powerless? Why?

25. is your life better now than it was five years ago? will it be better five years in the future than it is now? how so?

26. what are you thankful for?

27. write a letter of recommendation for a friend.

28. What is the nicest thing you've ever done?

29. what are your five favorite songs? do you have any particular memories associated with these songs?

30. write about a time you learned something that you felt was important.

31. write about bullying in history, literature, and entertainment. why do people bully? what's their problem? Is there anything positive about any of the character traits of bullies? Is bullying ever justified?

32. Write about freedom. What are you free to do and what aren't you free to do in any given situation? what freedoms do you enjoy the most? What are some freedoms you wish you had?

33. Write about a time you or someone you know got hurt.

34. I do my best when...

35. Holden is upset about phonies and phony things- who and what do you think is "phony" and who or what is genuine or "real" to you?

36. You are an alien anthropologist. You do not understand spoken or written human language, so you can only know about us from observation. What do humans do that seems the most strange to you?

37. What are your favorite sayings/ quotations? How do they speak to you and for you?

38. A quality I admire in myself is...

39. The class of 2015 at your 10 year reunion- what is everyone doing?

40. What are the best and worst things that have ever happened to you?

41. Invent a new sandwich. Describe the process by which you make it, market it, and sell millions!

42. Who are your role models? What made you choose them?

43. Who or what makes you laugh?

44. Write about a time you lost something important.

45. You jump into a "wormhole." Where do you end up? What do you do there?

46. What is something noone has ever taught you, but you wish someone had?

47. Write about something crazy/funny/weird that you did to try and impress someone else (did it work?).

48. Write about a time someone did something stupid which irritated you.

49. Is Huck [Stargirl/ Milkman] "smart"? Why do you think so? Are you smart? Why do you think so?

50. freewrite.
51. what has been your proudest accomplishment?

52. write a letter to the president.

53. What is your plan for surviving the zombie apocalypse/robopocalypse?

54. does the U.S. have an obligation to intercede in foreign affairs to prevent widespread human suffering?

55. describe a memorable moment involving a pet or other animal.

56. what are your plans for summer break?

57. What sort of changes would you like to see in government, for instance in policies or procedures?

58. If you could change three things about your class what would they be?

59. What are the best and worst songs ever written?

60. what's the weirdest thing that's happened to you this semester?

61. freewrite

62. a quality in others I admire is...

63. What do you wish had been a journal topic but wasn't?